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A Guide to Redecorating Your Rented Space to Fit Your Lifestyle

Written by guest author, Shirley Martin of Tidy Life Today

Whether you own your house or apartment or rent it, it should fit your needs. Redecorating can help make the space more personal, ensuring that you’re comfortable. Just how you redecorate a space depends largely on its intended purpose. Joanna Organize helps people structure their homes in a way that fits their lifestyle. Read on for a quick guide to making your house or your apartment your own with easy redecorating and organizing.

You want to accommodate your kids

If you have children, giving them their own space to play is a great way to keep the rest of your home orderly. Little ones may also appreciate their own learning nook for homework or remote schooling. Focus on easy-to-use storage for toys, like big bins. Area rugs make the floor comfortable for playing, and kids’ furniture fits small bodies perfectly. House Beautiful offers innovative ideas for kids rooms, like playing up the fun factor with patterns and colors.

You plan to start entertaining more

If you want to start having friends and family over more frequently, spruce up the areas where people will be, like the living room. Create seating clusters around key focal points like the coffee table. If your furniture is looking worn, find a furniture cleaner on to fix it. Evaluate companies via online reviews and customer referrals, and ask about their cleaning techniques. Avoid those who use all-in-one cleaners, which can damage the upholstery.

You could use more space in the kitchen

If your kitchen is feeling cramped and you want to cook more, incorporate storage into your redecorating plans. Get innovative with your storage options. Instead of simply relying on your cabinets, add hooks or install a hanging rack over your sink. If you have a pantry, you can save space by taking products like dry goods out of their bags and storing them in stackable boxes. These are just a few ways to maximize the kitchen area.

You require a work-from-home zone

More people are working from home than in the past. If you’re among them, make sure you have a dedicated space where you can focus on your job. Zenbusiness offers tips for creating a suitable work area. For example, it’s best to keep distractions like televisions out of your office zone. Further, make sure your workspace has plenty of light, which will help you stay alert. Also, some plants, which can alleviate stress.

You need a place to unwind and relax

Having a space where you can unplug from the world completely is a great way to reduce daily stress. You might want a nook in your space that’s just for meditating, for example. To make it as soothing as possible, use calming colors like pastels and whites, implement soft lighting, and install plush furniture. Aromatherapy can also help soothe the senses, so adding a small diffuser is a must.

You want to make space for a new hobby

Whether it’s painting or knitting, if you’ve picked up a hobby and want to nurture it, why not give yourself a space to practice it? Redecorate a room to make it into your hobby zone. Add art that inspires you and let in plenty of light, which can boost your mood and spark creativity. Finally, make sure the room is equipped with whatever supplies you need for your hobby and keep them organized in bins or boxes to maintain order.

You plan to start working out at home

Working out at home can save you money on gym memberships and be more convenient. Redecorate a room according to your fitness needs. For example, it’s best to remove rugs and use hard flooring for many types of workouts. You may want to add mirrors to the space, allowing you to watch yourself as you work out. A large screen where you can follow home workouts via YouTube or other media is another handy addition.

You’re ready for a more snooze-friendly bedroom

At the end of the day, there’s nothing better than dozing off in a comfortable bedroom. AmeriSleep offers tips for redecorating this room to make it more conducive to a good night’s rest. Add curtains to make it darker, install a white noise machine to banish disruptive sounds, and eliminate clutter to ease anxiety. Adding under-bed storage can help get rid of the mess easily.

Redecorating doesn’t have to mean completely overhauling a space. The above tips are appropriate even for rented spaces and will help you create a house or apartment that fits your unique lifestyle.

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