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How to Purge Your Home Before a Move

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Five Tips for Decluttering Before a Move

  1. Plan out WHEN you’re going to purge each space. Mark the dates and times on the calendar and commit to the sessions like you would an appointment. At the end of each week, treat yourself to something fun for your hard work!
  2. It can be tempting to ask friends and family to help with the purging process. Although the extra hands can be a blessing, they may question your decision to part with something, causing you to keep an item out of guilt. I’ve worked with dozens of clients who have said they kept something because someone asked, “Are you sure you don’t want this? You may need it someday” or “This was grandma’s. You should probably keep it.” If you do want to ask for help, ask them to watch your kids for a couple of hours or help you in a space with fewer sentimental items like the kitchen, bathrooms, or garage.
  3. Purging a space can be mentally and emotionally draining, so set a time-cap. I recommend purging for 30-120 minutes at a time, and then give yourself a break. Turn on your favorite music to make it fun!
  4. Be mindful of taking trips down memory lane with memorabilia. If you find yourself sitting and flipping through a photo album, remind yourself that now is not the time to do that. Set it aside and flip through them later. 
  5. Beware of the “I’m going to sell this” trap! We think of selling items for two reasons: to make a little extra cash and/or to alleviate the guilt we feel for getting rid of something. Selling items is completely fine, but keep in mind that it’s going to take time, and your time is valuable.Is it worth it to wait at a store, take photos, post online, coordinate pickups, collect cash, etc.? If the answer is yes, sell away! 

Congratulations on Your New Adventure!

Remember, the goal of purging is to purify and cleanse. By intentionally setting aside time to purge your belongings, you will alleviate stress, and you’ll be giving yourself the greatest gift–time and energy to focus on the FUN aspects!

You will have the mental clarity to pour your energy into decorating and organizing your space. You’ll be able to move with confidence knowing a lot of the NOT-so-fun things like donation store runs and trash hauls are behind you.

This is an exciting time of your life and a new chapter, and you deserve to have some fun with it!


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