modern light wood clothing hangers in closet

The Easiest and Quickest Way to Upgrade Your Closet

One of the questions I get asked most often is, “What should I buy to help organize my closet?”

People usually ask this question because there’s something visually overwhelming about the closet.

And what’s more visually overwhelming than a bunch of mismatched hangers? Wire hangers from the dry cleaners and a variety of suede hangers alongside colorful plastic ones are going to make anyone’s shoulders tense.

The easiest and quickest way to get the calm you’re looking for and create an organized closet, is to invest in ONE type of hanger.

Wooden Natural

Lotus Wooden

Slim Wooden


Wooden Natural Hangers (come in petite, walnut, black, grey, and white!)

  • These are my personal favorite (I have the petite natural) and come in a variety of finishes!

Lotus Wooden Natural Hangers

  • The sharp edges and black finish creates a sleeker look.

NEW SLIM Wooden Hangers (come in a variety of finishes)

  • This is a NEW release from The Container Store! Although slightly more expensive, these slim wooden hangers are perfect if you have a smaller closet and want a more modern, cohesive look.

This isn’t an ad or sponsored post (I wish!), but it’s one of my best closet organization tips and tricks. Invest the $150-$200 and upgrade that closet!  

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