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10 Interesting Facts About Moving

Moving is a unique event in all of our lives that is accompanied by a roller coaster of emotions. Moving is both extremely exciting (there’s a new adventure on the horizon) and completely overwhelming (packing is the worst). And unlike other areas of life, where experience helps us feel more prepared and less anxious, experience isn’t correlated to less stress when it comes to moving.

In this short post, I’m sharing 10 interesting facts about moving. Some will affirm how you feel, others will have you thinking glad I’m not in that category, and others may give you the confidence to make a decision related to moving.


  1. Moving is the third most stressful event in life, right up there with the death of a loved one and divorce. Know you’re not alone in the feelings you have. There are so many moving pieces and steps when it comes to moving, but the good news is that the stress is temporary! 
  2. About 40 million Americans move every year. That’s more people than the entire population of our largest state, California!
  3. The average American moves 11.3 times in a lifetime. That’s once every six years! I’ve already moved more than that in the last 15 years…how about you?
  4. 50% all US relocations occur during one-third of the year – between the beginning of May and Labor Day. Summer is the time to move if you’re relocating. Avoid those colder, less predictable, winter months. 
  5. Around: 40% of all moves in the US are job-related; 42% are personal moves; 18% are military or government relocations. Consider your personal experience. Does this seem to add up? What about for your friends and family? For me, 100% of my moves in the last 15 years have been for personal reasons. 
  6. Moving locally with a moving company may cost you less than hiring a moving truck and moving yourself because they will cover the labor, packing, the truck, transportation, gas, toll expenses, insurance – pretty much everything. Having moved over a dozen times, I can say from personal experience that hiring movers is the best decision I’ve made. If you’re local, I can’t recommend Firefighters on the Move enough!
  7. The largest reason people choose their new neighborhood is by convenience to their job.
  8. Close to 62 percent of the people in United States currently live in the state they were born.
  9. Typical household moves contain at least 6,500 pounds worth of moveable items. This is a fact that supports #6. Hire a moving company. 
  10. Friday is the most popular moving day.Moving prices may be a bit higher on Fridays and traffic may be a bit more congested. If you live in a condo or apartment complex, try to schedule your move for the least busy times. You want those elevators as free as possible!

Moving On Up!

Whether you recently moved, you have an upcoming move, you’re considering it, or you’ve vowed to never move again, we all know someone close to us who is experiencing the stress, chaos, and excitement of moving. We all need cheerleaders, a little extra grace, and a lot of laughs to get us through the moving process.

If you’re preparing to move soon, check out my complete guide on How to Purge Your House for a Move. I walk you through how to purge ten categories in your home and share five bonus tips, so you move only what you absolutely love into your new home.


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