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10 Tips for a Successful Move

Andrew and I recently moved from our downtown loft to a tucked away forest home. Combined, we’ve moved over 20 times, and I consider myself a pro at this point. However, I’m embarrassed to say, that I made some ROOKIE mistakes. I’m going to share ten tips to make your move an absolute success!

10 Tips to a Successful Move

  1. Hire Professional Movers
    • Movers can cost anywhere from $120-$250/hour, and in my experience, it’s well worth it. Maybe it’s because I’m in my 30s and care about my back and not pulling something, but I’ve hired movers for my last three moves, and have zero regrets.If you’re local, I highly recommend Firefighters on the Move. The process was seamless, their estimate was spot on, and the movers were incredibly careful, efficient, and friendly. My second recommendation is Black Belt Movers
  2. Contact Your Local Newspaper and Ask For an Endroll
    • Buying bubble wrap and filler paper can get expensive, and it’s best to stay away from non-recyclable materials (in my opinion). Getting newspaper rolls that have not been printed on is the perfect way to keep your fragile items safe without getting newspaper print all over them. 
  3. Label Your Moving Boxes
    • As you pack your totes and moving boxes, be sure to label! This is what I include on each label:
      • The room it should be placed in, category of items, and 3-4 ‘big ticket’ items in the box. Example below:Home GymYoga EquipmentMat, bands, 2 blocks
  4. Pack a Suitcase of Essentials
    • Pack enough for you and your family to get through 2-3 days. Pretend like you’re taking a vacation and pack the essentials for the whole family, so you know EXACTLY where the following are: clothing, undergarments, socks, toiletries, and chargers. I forgot to do this and felt like I wasted so much time trying to figure out where my charger and gym clothes were. 
  5. Load Up On Snacks!
    • Pantry items are going to be packed among dozens of other kitchen boxes, so keep a snack bag with you (in your car) full of snacks. I used a bright-colored reusable grocery bag so it was easy to see, and I made sure I carried it with me when we moved along with my work bag. My fav snacks to include: protein bars, dried fruit, apples, clementines, pretzels, vegan jerky and a bag of chips (I knew I’d want something a bit unhealthy) 
  6. Make a Digital List of To-Dos
    • As soon as you get moved into your home, you’re immediately going to have a dozen of to-dos and errands to run. Rather than write it down on a loose piece of paper that you found, which is bound to get misplaced, keep a note on your phone with your list. Be sure to share it with anyone in the family who may need access to this list.
  7. Establish a Drop Zone Immediately
    • This doesn’t have to be the permanent drop zone, but decide on a place that you will put your keys, wallet, and phone to charge. If I had a dollar for every time Andrew or I yelled, “Have you seen my keys?!?!” I’d buy a summer home in Hawaii. 
  8. Prepare for Some Deep Cleaning
  9. Get a Box Cutter (or Five)
    • Have one for you and any other adult who is helping to unpack. Break down boxes as soon as they’re empty, and drop them off at a recycling center. This allows you to get rid of large quantities at one time rather than slowly stacking them up in your personal recycling bin for local pickup. 
  10. Give Yourself Grace
    • I LOVE moving and I love change. But no matter how amazing the new place is or how excited you are to make it your own, moving is still stressful. There are several things happening at once, and it will be chaotic for a week or more. Be sure to give yourself some extra grace throughout the process. Make a list of what you want to accomplish each day, and slowly check things off. *I’m currently living this, so this advice is mainly for me. 😉

If You’re Not Moving…

If you have a friend who is moving anytime soon, flowers and cards are absolutely lovely, and wine is even better. An extra thoughtful gift is to offer to pick up dinner. Your friends most likely will have been going nonstop and the last thing they want to do is whip up some food and deal with dirty dishes. 

I’d Love to Help!

Getting settled in a new space is the perfect time to get organized and start fresh. If you’d like to know more about my services or if you’d like an estimate for a project like a kitchen, pantry, or closet, let’s chat!

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