How to Successfully Complete Any Home Organization Project

If you decide to take on an organizing project by yourself, no matter the size, follow these steps! They’re guaranteed to help reduce the overwhelm that accompanies most home organization projects, and they’ll save you time.

Set a Date on the Calendar

This creates accountability. If you have young children, arrange for childcare so all of your attention can be devoted to the project. Trust me, code switching between parenting and organizing is no easy feat!Treat it like a date with your best friend. Don’t cancel it. Don’t reschedule. 

Decide Where (and When) You’ll Donate Items

Similar to step one, this creates accountability and ensures you won’t leave bins and bags of items piled up in your garage to “take someday.” Resist the urge to take them to a friend, keep it for a garage sale, etc. If you do this, you’re giving yourself another task which you’re unlikely to complete in a timely manner.

Establish a “Why”

This may seem like a nonsensical step, but it’s extremely important to set a clear reason for starting a home organizing project. Saying, “I want to get organized” isn’t specific enough. What do you envision for the space? What is the “big win” you’re looking for? Here’s an example of a “why” for a toy room:I want to create a functional space, so my kids can get out the toys they want and clean up when asked. Because I don’t want them (or myself) to be overwhelmed with toys, I want to create a toy cycling station, so I can easily swap things out every few weeks.Once you establish your “why” all decisions become more straightforward–everything from the purging process to deciding on materials to whether or not you choose to label.

Make a Plan

This plan doesn’t have to be concrete, but have a general idea of what you will do with the space. Planning ahead of time allows you to focus on execution on the big organizing day. 

Measure Your Space

If you’re investing in organizing materials (which I highly recommend), be sure to take measurements. Knowing the depth and height between shelves, especially if they aren’t adjustable, is extremely important. A quarter of an inch can make a big difference! 

Take Everything Out

You need a blank slate so you can see your space with fresh eyes. If you leave items and cherry pick, it’s hard to see beyond the old. Plus, you want to take this time to vacuum and wipe things down. 

Invest in the Same Styles of Containers

Even the most organized spaces can look cluttered if there are too many styles and sizes of containers. Stick to the same 2-3 to create a cohesive look. 

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