8 Things The Most Organized Kitchens & Pantries Have in Common

You know when you walk into a kitchen and it just feels organized? A super organized kitchen doesn’t mean you have to invest in hundreds of dollars of organizing products from The Container Store. You can implement a few simple tactics to immediately make your space feel tidier. Commit to implementing one or two tactics this week, and if you do want to invest in a few materials, here are my organizing product recommendations.

1. Clutter-Free Countertop

A clear countertop will instantly help your space feel tidy-free. Keep the utensils hidden and large appliances tucked away if possible. If space is limited and you have to use some of the counter real estate, use pretty bowls or glass jars.

2. Storage Bins

Clear, wood, woven – choose whatever matches your design aesthetic. Corral those boxes of pasta and granola bars. Yes, taking items out of containers to put them in containers does make a difference.

3. Decanted Items

Removing loud packaging immediately helps a space feel tidier. Decant items like dried beans and grains. If you really want to take it up a notch, decant your oils in glass containers.

4. Minimal Water Bottles and Travelers

Dozens of water bottles and travelers can quickly clutter a space. Focus on having 2-3/person. This is my favorite way to keep them organized in cabinets. 

5. Drawer Dividers 

Use spring-loved dividers to create lanes – perfect for spoons and spatulas and use trays to group smaller items and cooking utensils together. 

6. Matching Food Storage Containers

One of the simplest ways to immediately organize your kitchen is to get rid of all of the mismatched Tupperware. Keep the ones that nest and if you save them for specific purposes (crafts, grease, etc.) find a different home for them. These are my favorite food storage containers.

7. Reasonable Number of Reusable Totes

If you have an abundance of reusable totes, reduce the number to 6-10 and keep a few in your car. These accumulate over time and because we know we use them, we never turn down the free ones. You know which ones you love so keep those and say goodbye to the rest. 

8. Fewer Than 10 Plastic or Paper Bags

When you walk into an organized kitchen, you don’t see a plastic or paper  bag full of other other bags. Keep a reasonable number on hand and keep them contained.

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