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5 Daily Organizational Habits to Get Back on Track

We’re well into 2022, and some of the momentum we had in January starts to dwindle in February. We’re still in the heart of winter, and spring seems like a far off dream. 

If your organization habits have started to slip a bit, don’t beat yourself up. The important thing is that you notice and right the ship. Get back on track by implementing these five, daily organization habits! 

5 Daily Habits

  1. Take care of the work items Work bags, purses, and keys often get tossed on chairs, counters, or left near an entrance door. If you don’t have a designated home for these items, create one. Not only will your space look tidier, your mornings will be less stressful because you won’t be running around to find your items.
  2. Keep the countertops clear Reduce the visual overwhelm by keeping your countertops clear of clutter. Put away skincare products, hair tools, and accessories in your master bathroom. Load dishes in the dishwasher and give the kitchen countertops a good wipe down at the end of each day. Rehome any items that have found their way onto the kitchen counter. 
  3. Reset your living spacesThe bedroom is a sacred space and should provide a calming energy. The quickest way to create this vibe is to make your bed daily. This is a daily habit I’ve sworn by for years. Shared living spaces like the living room or family room can quickly become a disaster zone. Take 5 minutes before you go to bed to fluff pillows and fold blankets. Kids should be responsible for putting away their own toys before bed, but pick up anything that accidentally got left behind. 
  4. Clean up the clothesA few articles of clothing on the floor can immediately make a space feel disorganized. Make sure dirty clothes are in the hamper. Rehang and refold anything that doesn’t need to be laundered.
  5. Straighten and rehome shoes Even if you have designated drop zones for shoes, they can quickly pile up all over the home. Recruit members of the family to take care of their extra shoes, and straighten (may seem silly but it makes a difference visually) pairs that are left out in a mudroom or drop zone. I recommend that each family member has only 1-2 pairs of shoes out in a shared space.

If you feel like your organizing habits have slipped over the last few weeks, remember to be kind to yourself. A little slip back doesn’t mean you’re a failure––it means you’re human. Get back on track by implementing these simple, daily routines to maintain your intentional, organized home.

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