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Summer Sanity: Organizing Tips for a Smooth and Fun-filled Break with Kids

Ah, summer break is nearly here! The kids are thrilled to be free from the demands of school, but for parents, the thought of juggling work, household responsibilities, and keeping the kids entertained can be overwhelming. As a professional organizer, former teacher, and mama, I’m here to share some invaluable tips to help you stay organized during the summer months, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable break for both you and your children. 

Create a Flexible Schedule

While the freedom of summer calls for a relaxed approach, having a loose schedule can provide structure and stability. Create a flexible daily or weekly schedule that outlines essential activities, such as meal times, chores, family activities, and quiet time. This will help set expectations and keep everyone on track while leaving room for spontaneity and fun.

Designate Activity Zones:

Designate specific areas in your home for different activities. Establish a crafting corner, reading nook, or a space for board games and puzzles. Having designated zones will not only keep your home tidy but also make it easier for the kids to find and put away their toys and activities.

Rotate Toys and Games:

To prevent boredom and keep the clutter in check, consider rotating toys and games throughout the summer. Store some of them out of sight and bring them back into play after a few weeks. This way, it feels like the kids have something new to enjoy, while also reducing the overall mess. Pro tip: Set a calendar reminder on your phone to rotate. 

Plan Outings and Activities:

Research and plan outings and activities in advance. Look for local parks, museums, swimming pools, and community events that align with your children’s interests. Create a summer bucket list and mark your calendar with these activities. This way, you’ll have a clear plan and won’t waste time figuring out what to do each day. 

Meal Planning and Prep

Summer days can be hectic, and mealtime can easily become chaotic. Stay ahead of the game by planning meals and snacks in advance. Prepare and freeze some meals for busy days. Create a weekly meal plan, and involve the kids in selecting recipes and helping with meal prep. Having a plan will minimize stress and ensure everyone is well-fed.

Embrace Outdoor Storage

Outdoor activities often mean outdoor toys and equipment cluttering up your yard. Invest in storage solutions such as deck boxes, bins, or hanging organizers to keep outdoor toys and sports gear neatly stored. Designate a specific area for these items, making it easy for the kids to access and put things away.

Maintain a Summer Essentials Kit

Put together a summer essentials kit to have on hand for outings and trips. Include sunscreen, insect repellent, hats, snacks, reusable water bottles, and any other items your family needs for enjoying the outdoors. Keeping these items organized and ready to grab will save you time and prevent last-minute scrambling.

Involve the Kids in Clean-Up

Make cleaning up a shared responsibility by involving the kids in age-appropriate chores. Teach them the importance of tidying up after themselves, and create a routine where everyone participates in cleaning up at the end of the day. Kids are used to sharing the responsibility of keeping a classroom tidy. Continuing this task at home can make the summer transition more seamless.

Prioritize Self-Care and Rest

While summer can be a whirlwind of activity, don’t forget to prioritize self-care and rest for both you and your children. Encourage regular quiet time or reading sessions where everyone can recharge. Make time for yourself too, whether it’s a solo walk, a workout, or a relaxing bath. Taking care of your own well-being will help you stay organized and better handle the demands of summer.

Remember, the key is to find systems that work best for your family’s unique needs and adjust as necessary. Stay flexible, communicate openly with your children about expectations and responsibilities, and allow room for fun and spontaneity during the summer break. Enjoy the summer break and make the most of this special time with your family!

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