10 Organizing Products I Can’t Live Without

Trying to find the right organizing materials that fit your space can be a stressful part of the organizing process. You see beautifully organized spaces on Pinterest or shows like the Home Edit but when you go to The Container Store the options are overwhelming. You either walk out without anything in hand or you grab an assortment of bins and baskets only to get them home and realize they don’t work in your space.

Finding the right products that fit your budget, space, and organizing aesthetic can be challenging. As a professional organizer, I’ve tried dozens of items, and I’m excited to share my curated list of my tried and true organizing products.


  • Instead of stacking items one in front of the other, make everything easily accessible by grouping similar items together on a turntable.
  • Perfect for: kitchen cabinets and pantriesOrganize oils, vinegars, syrups, jams
  • Perfect for: under-the-sink in bathrooms and kitchensStore cleaning, haircare, or skincare products on the turntables
  • Sizes: 10-inch or 16-inch (for under the sink or large corner cabinets)

Food Storage Containers

  • Perfect for: kitchen cabinets and pantriesDecant snacks, nuts, legumes, grainsOXO plastic canisters or Bormioli glass jars
  • Perfect for: home office / art area Store art supplies or home office items (i.e. paperclips, staplers, etc.)

Adjustable Drawer Dividers

  • Perfect for: kitchen drawersCreate organizing lanes to separate kitchen utensils and  kitchen towels
  • Perfect for: bedroom drawers Separate pants, t-shirts, and socks
  • Sizes: 4-inch or 3-inch

Water Bottle / Traveler Holders

  • Perfect for: kitchen cabinets
  • Stack water bottle holders to use vertical cabinet space and make all of the bottles accessible. 

Drawer Trays

  • Perfect for: office drawers and junk drawers 
  • Bamboo or plastic
  • Use to contain small office items, stamps, envelopes, scissors, etc.

Museum Gel

  • Perfect for: drawers with dividers
  • Museum gel prevents drawer dividers from sliding within a drawer. Apply a small ball of museum gel to the corners of the trays. Press firmly into place.


  • These are a bit pricey, but I love the modern, minimal look. You can also customize label sets. 
  • Label sets for various spaces in the house (play room, closet, pantry, household)
  • My favorite label maker – it’s intuitive to use and lightweight

Clear Boxes

  • Perfect for: closets and toy roomsGet those shoes out of the cardboard boxes for two reasons. One, the packaging creates visual clutter. Two, the variety of shapes and sizes means the boxes don’t stack well. Putting your shoes in stackable, uniform boxes will immediately enhance your space. Stack containers on the floor of the closet or on upper shelves.
  • Perfect for: toy roomsCorral smaller toys, sets, card games, and art supplies in the bins. Don’t forget to label!

Canvas Closet Hanger

  • Perfect for: closetsUtilize the vertical space in your closet with a canvas hanger. Fold bulky sweaters and use the fabric drawers to store items like swimsuits and coverups
  • Colors: ivory or grey

Expand-a-Shelf Cabinet Riser

  • Perfect for: Pantries Instead of using a can dispenser or stacking cans one in front of the other on a shelf, use a cabinet riser to place cans at different heights. Don’t forget to stadium-seat the cans, so you can easily see the label.

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