Nuna Pipa Lite Rx Review

Holy cow. The variety of car seats out there is INSANE. 

Do you want one that’s…

  • Lightweight?
  • Able to be buckled into a car?
  • Convertible?
  • Made from high-quality materials?
  • Intuitive to use?
  • Over the top with features?
  • Compatible with your stroller?

I read dozens of reviews, watched countless Youtube videos, and went down some deep, deep rabbit holes reading blog posts.

Ultimately, I decided on the Nuna Pipa Lite Rx, and although I don’t have experience with other car seats, I’m OBSESSED with ours.

I actually had decided I wanted a Nuna car seat and thought it would be easy to select, but then I realized there were so many small differences between their carseats. Some were compatible with certain strollers. Others weren’t. Some had extra features, others didn’t. Some buckled into a car and others you had to have the base installed.

Ultimately, the Pipa Lite Rx is what we landed on. I wanted a lightweight carseat that was compatible with our strollers and could be strapped into a car without a base (think Lyft rides, car rentals, etc.).

A few other features that I thought were cool but didn’t really know the importance of but love now:

  • Magnetic clips for straps
  • Dream drape 
  • Easy-to-adjust seat height
  • Removable infant pad

10/10 recommend this carseat! And if you’re looking for strollers, check out my post about the TWO (yes, two) we purchased


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