6 Strategic Ways to Use a Lazy Susan in Your Home (Plus What NOT to Do)

Lazy susan…turntable…no matter what you call them, there’s no denying how versatile they are. 

They’re an affordable solution for corralling items and maximizing space. They come in a variety of sizes and styles which means you can use them in nearly any room of your home. 

Here are six strategic ways to use a lazy susan in your home along with pro tips! Be sure to read to the end, so you can avoid the biggest mistake I see people make when using a lazy susan.


Use an 8-10” lazy susan on your pantry shelves to keep oils, vinegars, jarred items, and canned goods grouped together. Use a divided lazy susan for keeping granola bars, fruit strips, and beef jerky easily accessible for the whole family.

Pro Tip – Remember, a lazy susan will add .5-1” of height to your bottles, so be sure to adjust shelves accordingly.


Use a large lazy susan to organize cleaners. You can fit a lot on a 16” lazy susan, so anything that doesn’t fit can be tossed. Resist the temptation to hold on to items “in case you may need it someday.” 

Pro Tip –Be sure to check under your sink before purchasing anything. Sink pipes can sometimes get in the way. Don’t worry, you can use two smaller lazy susans instead of one larger one.


Elevate your space and corral your skincare and haircare products by using a lazy susan on your bathroom countertop. 

Pro Tip –Use a divided lazy susan in your bathroom cabinets to keep medicine, sunscreen, and back stock items contained. 

Storage Room or Garage

Think about all of the sealants, lawn sprays, and repellants you have. Group these items together and put each category on its own lazy susan. When you do this, I guarantee you’ll find duplicates of items, so part with things you won’t use within the next couple of years. 

Pro Tip – If you’re using 3+ lazy susans on a storage shelf, stagger them to maximize space.

Craft / Kids’ Art Area 

Put yourself back in those elementary school days, and use a divided lazy susan to keep markers, scissors, glitter glue, popsicle sticks, etc. contained. Lazy susans are portable, so you can easily set up a craft station on a countertop or table. 

Pro Tip – Don’t pack the dividers too tight, or your kids will struggle getting things in and out. Cleaning up needs to be easy, so make sure items have breathing room.


Prevent items from getting shoved to the back of the fridge (and forgotten) by using a lazy susan for condiments and hot sauces. Lazy susans are perfect for top shelves. 

Pro Tip – Avoid using a lazy susan with sides, which you’ll often see pictured in Pinterest photos of organized fridges. If you use one with sides, you’ll need clearance to get items in and out and those extra few inches of space are precious in a refrigerator.

What NOT To Do

The BIGGEST mistake I see people make is using a lazy susan for spices. The purpose of lazy susans is to make items easily accessible. When you pack spices on a lazy susan, you’re defeating the purpose. Instead, use a tiered riser.

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