20 Home Organization Projects That Take 10 Minutes or Less

Starting home organization projects can be a daunting task, since most take hours of your time, and no one wants to chip away at a big project 5-10 minutes at a time.

If you’re looking to declutter and organize but only have a few minutes here and there, I have 20 home organization projects that will take you ten minutes or less to complete!

In just a short amount of time, you can check a task off the list and you’ll be on your way to a cleaner and more organized life.

  1. Vacuum out your car and hose off the floor mats. 
  2. Organize the car glove compartment box.
  3. Purge the junk drawer. Beware of the “I may need it someday” mental trap. 
  4. Wipe down refrigerator shelves and drawers.
  5. Wipe down freezer shelves and drawers. A hand vacuum can be great for those deep drawers and hidden crevices!
  6. Purge the sock drawer (yours, your partner’s or your kids’). Look for holes and toss those without a match. 
  7. Recycle old magazines and newspapers. 
  8. Purge the plastic bags and paper bags. Remember, you don’t need more than 5-10 at a time. Click here for more on this topic.
  9. Clean out your purse or work bag.
  10. Clear out your email inbox, and unsubscribe from the lists you’re not interested in. 
  11. Go through the photos and videos on your phone and purge. 
  12. Organize the files on your computer desktop.  
  13. Purge the medicine cabinet. Remember to discard medication appropriately.
  14. Purge your makeup bag. If you’re curious about whether makeup expires or not, check this article out.
  15. Clean makeup brushes. 
  16. Declutter your Facebook and/or Instagram accounts – unfollow people you’re not interested in. 
  17. Go through your luggage and purge the pockets. If you’ve been somewhere sandy, vacuum out the interior of your bag.
  18. Purge the pockets of all winter coats in the house. 
  19. Purge your reusable grocery bags and totes. 
  20. Purge water bottles and coffee travelers. 

Keep an eye out for those little pockets of time and start checking things off. After these 20 mini projects are done, I promise you’ll feel lighter and more accomplished!

Happy organizing!

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