Baby Stroller Review | Nuna TRVL and UPPAbaby Ridge

As a new parent, making decisions about carseats and strollers required more time and energy than I thought it would. I already knew the brands I liked, but I had no idea there were so many features, compatibility options, and details to consider. I created a product spreadsheet (ridiculous? maybe), we watched dozens of Youtube reviews, and ultimately decided to purchase two types of strollers––a jogger and a travel stroller. 

I’m sharing how we came to our decision and my thoughts on whether or not we made the right choice. Hopefully, this makes the decision-making process a bit less stressful for you first-time parents.

Before we made a decision about what stroller to buy, we thought about our lifestyle and when we would use a stroller. Everything ultimately fell into two categories: traveling and long-distance walking (e.g. the zoo, botanical gardens, neighborhood walks, etc.). We wanted a travel stroller that was compact, light, easy to tote around, and suitable for infants. The walking stroller needed to have durable tires and be suitable for infants.

Most strollers didn’t fit both purposes, and we didn’t want one that was right down the middle and didn’t serve either purpose well. We decided to purchase two separate strollers––the UPPAbaby Ridge for a jogging stroller and the Nuna TRVL for a compact travel stroller. Both are compatible with the Nuna PIPA Lite Rx car seat. 

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Luca is two-weeks old today, and we’ve used both strollers multiple times. I cannot rave about them enough! The travel stroller has been perfect for me when I run errands, and I don’t want to put the carseat in a grocery cart. I can fold it down and lift it with one hand, and the steering is really responsive.

We’ve taken the jogger for walks in our neighborhood and “off-road” as Andrew likes to say, when we needed something that could handle grass, uneven spots, and inclines. The braking system is solid, the wheels are incredibly durable, and the adjustable handlebar plus additional storage pockets make the UPPAbaby Ridge jogger a must-have.

I’ll be reviewing other products in the near future, so stay tuned! If you’re a new parent or know someone who is expecting, check out my Baby Essentials post where I share exactly what we purchased.

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