dozens of take out condiment packets

You’re Cluttering Your Kitchen with These Two Items

There are two items I see over and over again in people’s kitchens and pantries, and they somehow bring about conflicting emotions for individuals. Although people are embarrassed by them (typically by the quantity), they also have a hard time parting with the items, often justifying why they need them. 


  1. Plastic bags
  2. Takeout condiments

Triggered? Know you’re not alone.

Look, I understand the occasional need for a plastic bag, and having a few on hand is fine. But why have 30, 40, 50+ bags? It reminds me of people who pack 20 pairs of underwear for a five-day trip. You’re not going to pee your pants multiple times a day for the entire trip.

You. Don’t. Need. That. Many. Plastic. Bags.

Plastic bags are unruly and immediately clutter a space. They’re typically on the floor of a pantry inside of another plastic bag, shoved under the sink, or they’re taking up precious space in a pull-out drawer. 

I have a question for you: 

Why do you hold on to all of these plastic bags when you know you’re going to bring home a few more within a week or two?

The same goes for takeout condiments. Most of us have soy sauce, ketchup, or mustard on hand, so why have dozens and dozens of sauce packets littering your kitchen and pantry? I know your husband loves the Chick-fil-A sauce or the Red Robin seasoning packets, but why do you need bags of them when you know you’ll order from this restaurant again, only to get more containers?

Do yourself a favor and toss all of them. If you are going to keep a few plastic bags or takeout condiments, keep them contained, so you’re forced to only have a limited amount. 

Takeout condiments

  • Keep a few in a small container in the fridge or in a small container in your pantry––a food storage container works great

Plastic bags

Take a few minutes, go to your kitchen, and clean out these items (most stores have a plastic bag drop-off location, so they don’t end up in a landfill). You can thank me later. 🙂

Happy organizing!

*Pro Tip: Take reusable bags to the store to cut down on the plastic bags and say “no thank you” to the takeout condiments and plastic silverware next time your order carryout.

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