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It’s Free! To Take or Not To Take

When I was a child, I remember going to the grocery store with my family on Fridays. Fridays were sample days. It’s free – take! From an early age I loved free things. This translated into my teenage and now adult life. If a friend passed on a dress to me, I’d think “Meh, not really my style, but sure, it’s free!” If a lovely college offered me a reusable tote at the Farmers’ Market, I’d think, “Well, I already brought two with me, and I really dislike the neon color of the one you’re offering me, but sure I’ll take it. It’s free!” And on and on it went. 

And guess what? I never used those items.

Now I say, “No thanks!” to free things. Just because it’s free, does not mean you have to take it. “No thanks!” I don’t need that free pen with your logo stamped all over it. “No thanks!” I don’t need that notepad because I have a beautiful letterpressed notepad at home. “No thanks!” I don’t need another tumbler that doesn’t even seal properly. I have my go-to Hydroflask and KleanKanteen. 

The only thing you won’t hear me say, “No thanks!” to are free samples of chips and guac at Whole Foods. I have no guilt or regret and keep my head held high while my husband shakes his head and walks away from me as I return two or sometimes three times to the guac bowl. I figure I’m eating his portion, so it’s fine. 

I encourage you to say “No thanks!” the next time you’re offered something free. Unless it’s chips and guac. 

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